Development Manager

Development Managers (Dev Manager) lead teams of software developers. The role is to supervise these teams and help steer the development of web applications, software applications and/or network systems. Furthermore, the Dev Manager is responsible for the entire development process. This includes team management, logistics, training, managing deadlines and being accountable for budgets.

Are you an experienced Dev Manager?

Can you provide exceptional quality control? Likewise, can you maintain product quality from end-to-end; from coding to delivery? Furthermore, are you able to innovate, communicate well, and educate your team? Likewise, are you organised and proficient at facilitating effective training, for your developers? Lastly, are you abreast with the latest tech advancements? If so, our clients are looking for Dev Managers whom are valuable to their company and software development teams. Moreover, they are looking for Managers who can act as coaches for their employees. This will include mentoring developers, to improve their skill. As well as ensuring your team delivers exceptional projects.