Java Script Developer (Front End)

Are you a JavaScript developer? Recruit DLT are looking for entry level or junior front-end developers. Aswell as more senior, fullstack JavaScript developers. We have a range of roles. Including; remote developer jobs, or office based positions, across the Northwest.

JavaScript Developer Job Description

A JavaScript developer is responsible for writing the script for visual elements of a website and/or web application. They are also responsible for connecting this technology, with back-end services that may need to process data or require other connectivity. Therefore, they are usually supported by back-end web developers or have further knowledge of MVC application or Microsoft’s ASP.Net. Back-end developers, are responsible for the server-side application. However, many experienced front-end developers, often work throughout the whole spectrum and are sometimes called fullstack. Finally, a JavaScript developer will have extensive knowledge of HTML markup and styling.

History of JavaScript Language

JavaScript is arguably one of the most important languages today, due to the rise of the web. It has allowed for web applications to become more dynamic and visually compelling. This was thanks to the work of Brendan Eich, who is known as the father of JavaScript. It’s worth noting, that although JavaScript is typically used for the front-end; the programming language itself, is not limited to just front-end use.