.NET Developer

The .NET software Framework was developed by Microsoft. Usually, .NET developers will be proficient in ASP or C#, or the more experienced developers will sometimes be proficient in both languages. Furthermore, the more experienced developer will be a master in scalability, security, performance and testing. The framework can be used for a variety of web applications, desktop applications, or even mobile applications.

C# Developer Jobs

Recruit DLT currently have vacancies for; junior C# developer jobs, senior C# developer roles and even remote C# developer positions. Many tech firms are seeing the benefits of attracting the best candidates, with the attraction of remote developer work.

ASP Developer Jobs

Similarly, if you’re an experienced ASP developer, then we will have vacancies for you. Are you experienced in producing dynamic web pages? Many employers are looking for programmers  with experience in the Microsoft framework, to build dynamic web sites, web applications and web services for their businesses.