SharePoint is a web-application that integrates with Microsoft Office. It was launched in 2001 and is mainly provided as a storage system, document management and to create websites. It is a hugely popular platform with many developers and businesses.

SharePoint Programming Language

As a Microsoft platform, any .NET programming language can be used with SharePoint. However, most SharePoint books and code samples are written in C#.

SharePoint Developer Jobs

Are you experienced in SharePoint Development and the .NET framework? If so, Recruit DLT work with clients across the Northwest with requirements for development projects.

The Role of a SharePoint Developer

The main role of a SharePoint developer is developing custom web parts and components. Therefore, you should have experience in .NET, C#, Ajax, Web Parts and Master Pages. Likewise, you should have specific knowledge of the SharePoint Server object model, client object model and the windows workflow foundations (WFF). Furthermore, JavaScript and frontend knowledge are required.  Lastly, a SharePoint Developer should have an overall understanding of the SharePoint API.